Big Brands & Digital – Estee Lauder Digital Day

August 19, 2010


I’m writing this post from the show floor at the Market Pavillion in Chelsa, NYC at Estee Lauder‘s Digital day. Tyler and I have been here for a couple of hours and the magnitude of the event sincerely struck me. Estee Lauder invited companies like ours, Involver, along with a host of other digital marketing innovators and juggernauts like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN and more to share the day with a fantastic lineup of speakers including Foursquare’s founder Naveen Selvaduri. All of the Estee Lauder brands are in attendance and the purpose of the event is, in their own words, to ‘Raise the Digital IQ’ as a collective investment in shared success today, and tomorrow.

Sound impressive? It is. Estee Lauder gets it.

They understand the importance of digital and it’s relationship to their consumers. Congratulations to Marisa Thalberg, VP, Global Digital Marketing for Estee Lauder for creating such an impressive and important event for your company.

It begs the question. What is your company doing to educate employees on the importance of digital in creating customer relationships today and in the future?


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