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September 8, 2009

What would the Sistine Chapel look like if it was evolved, real-time, with patron's feedback?

What would the Sistine Chapel look like if it was evolved, real-time, with patron's feedback?

For Webtrends, it has indeed been a busy summer. As we enter these last few days of August, a period when all the excitement and activity that has occurred over the past few months could take a waning toll on enthusiasm, Webtrends is not winding down and simply reflecting on the launch of Analytics 9 as the “release that was.” Having fully embraced the agile development model, we continue to focus our energy on collecting feedback from our customers and innovating with our products ahead of the next release.

Phil Kemelor recently posted his thoughts on Analytics 9, appropriately titled “Webtrends: A Busy Summer for Analytics.” It was a nicely written and balanced piece. Phil’s post made note that he was waiting for more from Analytics 9 and Webtrends. As we’ve done over the last year, we are happy to take the ball from him here and continue to drive forward.

With Analytics 9, the foundation has been laid on a canvas from which we’ll continue to paint. This phased approach to our product is a conscience decision and I want to reinforce that. It’s been great to see the positive feedback from folks within the industry and our customers. It’s motivating to have encouragement to introduce more powerful, more elegant, and more open products. We have heard you, we are listening now, and we will continue to deliver.

Last April, during our annual customer event, Webtrends Engage, we broadcasted the view we all had of Webtrends, within Webtrends, to the industry. More importantly we made a promise to change the way people and organizations view and make sense of their data. As the first web analytics company, it makes sense for us to take on this initiative, and since those few days with our valued customers and partners in Las Vegas back in early spring, Webtrends has announced the availability of Webtrends Social Measurement, provided a benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign, introduced The Open Campaign, acquired a leading multivariate testing and site optimization company – Widemile, and yes, released Analytics 9.

As we roll into the fall coming off one of the busiest and most exciting periods we’ve experienced as a company, we’re looking forward to delivering more on our promise.


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