eMetrics: Web Analytics Industry Infighting & Industry Standards

May 6, 2009


logo_emetricsmos1What a day! I spent it at the eMetrics conference in San Jose. It was really nice to see Jim Sterne continuing to evangelize the growth of the industry, to proselytize that this ‘this is our time’ as an industry, and as individuals, to step up and lead the maturation of our industry. It’s been great for me to have a chance to meet up with people I have a tremendous amount of respect for and don’t get to see every day like: David Alston, Douglas Karr, Anil Batra and I’ve had a chance to meet people that I’ve not had the chance yet like Jason Burby, Sean Powers and Richard Sim.

In all, it’s hard to find a more targeted audience that has the know-how, the experience, and the passion for analytics that this crowd does. At the same time, I was disappointed not to see more of our industry influencers here. It appears that the economy has taken it’s toll as I was told by the eMetrics staff that and that many attendees backed out at the last minute. Regardless, I was glad that I attended.

At events like eMetrics we talk about taking a step forward as an industry, together. Yet not everyone’s actions speak the same voice. In my observations I’ve seen some unfortunate behavior that I believe has the potential to kill the industry from the inside out if it isn’t culled. A few weeks ago, Omniture’s CEO Josh James called competitors in the industry ‘nuisances.’ Here in San Jose, Omniture decided to not wear our sponsored lanyards in favor of their own. I’m not sure if it is company policy or just in bad taste by the team in attendance but it is my opinion that respecting your competition means embracing them when it is appropriate. At an industry conference shedding something as innocuous as a sponsored lanyard in favor of your own is an unfortunate act.

I for one respect my competition. Their ideas, their capabilities, their people.


hang up the gloves to champion the industry

For example, I love what Google is doing with APIs. I wrote about it on my blog.  I applaud Google Analytics’ community evangelist Avinash Kaushik for publicly complimenting us in twitter and on our blog in a position piece about Webtrends Social Measurement and the sentiment tracking. It’s time we realize that if we don’t grow up and work together our industry will suffer as a whole. Standards, benchmarks, best practices, and models are our real challenges. Not so much each other. We still have market share to reach before we need to worry about a grudge match.

Today we offered the Digital Marketing Maturity Model (DM3) to provide a framework and objective criteria for assessing the strategies, skills, tools and best practices that support the successful measurement of all digital marketing activities. The other industry models focus exclusively on web site measurement. The Webtrends Digital Marketing Optimization team developed the model based on 15 years of experience helping top brands build successful measurement programs. We’d love to talk more with everyone about the DM3. We’d love to support work that our partners and competitors are doing to push this industry as a whole forward. What initiatives are you working on that you’d like to see more Webtrends support? What initiatives do you think we as an industry need to get behind?


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