My Most Recent Klout Un-boxing Experience

May 27, 2011


I’m a huge fan of Klout; More than anyone in the space they have the momentum and the technology to create long term value for their users as as well as marketers interested in targeting them. But, they have a problem…or, better stated, an opportunity. As elegant and special of an introduction experience as that they create… fulfillment, through their partners, leaves something to be be desired. Here is an example:

I was introduced to the offer; and intrigued enough to go find out more:

At this point I was interested and called out to Facebook & Twitter to which I was literally showered in responses. Evidently, the show is very well liked. I was excited to get the DVD and check it out and flattered to have been offered the Klout Perk.

Last night I received a package that my wife rather sheepishly dropped to me (sheepishly as in, she thought i’d ordered something I shouldn’t have…).

The package: It was dirty. And I don’t just mean some scuffs, it was insanely filthy.

The sender: Anyone know who Jesse Ascencio Bonded Services Inc. Is? Evidently the brand builder does (check out the pictures on his blog).

The Note: When you send something to ‘an influencer’ at least tell them who it’s from :)

If i’m Klout i’d start asking my fulfillment partners to work on the details. Even better, start to take ownership of some of your premier partner’s fulfillment. The details matter and matching the un-boxing – to the front end experience – to the fulfillment will delight your customers.

First thing i’d do? Create a handwritten note from Joe for every Klout Perks customer and give them to your fulfillment partners to deliver with the goods. Same thing for digital products too. Send me an email (from Klout & the Fulfillment Partner) explaining why I got it and what the experience is intended to do for me.


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